BMW S1000rr 2010





I bought the bike in early 2011 not long after they were released. It was superb, a hugely capable road bike which was both user friendly and also potent. 


After a trip round Scotland and a run to Northern Ireland, I decided it belonged on the track.

Race Parts




Has been rebuilt twice now for maintenance. We found the cam chain was in bad nick both times (new Kawasakis suffer the same issue), but for 2015 BMW now do not supply just the cam chain but the sprockets and blades as well - indicating a design issue with the earlier bikes. Otherwise the bike stands up well to abuse. We have replace one gear, otherwise it has been expected maintenance. Engine remains bone stock and is pushing out exactly 200bhp at the back wheel. 

Power Commander V


Power Commander V is a fairly standard mod even for road bikes. It works with the bike's ECU to optimise fuelling and therefore throttle response. With a proper dyno setup, can make a world of difference. 

Ohlins Suspension


The Srr suffered from fairly budget suspension which wasn't really up to track use. A set of cartridges for the front and a new shock in the rear made a huge difference. 

Lightweight Wheels - BST, MFR


A very effective upgrade, light wheels mean improved braking, acceleration and handling. I originally bought BST carbon fibre wheels which are nothing short of a work of art.


For 2015, the ACU have approved the use of Carbon Fibre wheels, which is great news. I also run a set of MFR lightweight rims. 


Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust System


Full Titanium system, optimises exhaust gas flow, increases power and sheds a lot of weight.



I really like the quality of Woodcraft, I use their clip-ons and crash bungs. The crash bungs are intelligently designed to be easy to remove after a crash and their clip-ons are well designed and heavy duty.

Lightech Rearsets, Chain Adjuster


The beefiest and simplest design I have found, these replace the Sato versions I had which caused a lot of problems through being over-engineered. 


The chain adjuster makes rear wheel adjustment easier and wheels changes a whole lot simpler. 

Alpha Racing (Germany)


These guys supply the WSB team and are the best one-stop shop for Srr bling. I have a number of items, from carbon fibre frame and swingarm protectors, loom terminators, racing subframe, ABS removal kit and quick action throttle assembly.




Brembo master cylinder and Oro disks on all my wheels. M4 calipers. SIgnificantly improves braking when combined with braided brake lines. ABS system has been removed from my bike. 

AIM Solo GPS lap timer and Datalogger


New for 2015 season, a GPS lap timer with data logging. Upgrade to an earlier GPS unit, it is hard wired to the bike and records lean angles, acceleration etc. Seems like a really nice piece of kit.

CRC Race Fairings


Beautifully light and incredibly well made, I wouldn't use anything else. Have now wrecked a few panels...


STM Slipper Clutch


Improves ability to get off the line and reduces rear wheel lockup under downshifting.


2010 - present

2010 - present

Rider Equipment
Arai Helmets


Have not used anything else in years, they fit my head better than any other lid and are real quality. yet to find anything better on the market. Wrecked one last year.

BKS Leathers


This year I am having a set of leathers custom-made by Brian at BKS leathers. My last BKS suit was off-the-peg but lasted 5 years and only needs replaced because I have dropped a couple of sizes. 

Forcefield Back Protector


Best on the market in my opinion and a must-have piece of safety kit. 


Held Gloves


Spoiling myself in 2015, another custom bit of leather. Held Titan race gloves made to fit. 


TCX Boots


Been using TCX for a few years now and have been impressed by both the quality of the product and their customer care. 


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