Dynotech, Tadley


Andy and Keith at Dynotech have looked after all my bikes since my 2002 RSVR and I have to say I would be reluctant to use anyone else. 


With a completely honest, open apprach to business and an exceptionally high standard of workmanship, I use them for everything. They have rebuilt my Srr engine twice with excellent results from a stock engine.


Can't recommend these guys highly enough. 



Emily from Made2Fit has undertaken the not insignificant task of trying to get me slim and fit. As someone who really does not like exercise for exercise's sake, I need motivation and drive to keep me interested. 


Em brings all the kit I need to the house, has a specific workout every time and keeps things varied and interesting. For someone who struggles to motivate themselves or who really doesn't know where to start, personal trainers are the answer and I am confident this is one of the best.  

Ride In Bike Tyres



Mark at Ride-In provides an excellent service changing bike tyres in Reading. Very competitively priced and exceptionally efficient, Mark has never marked one of my rims (Ooh-er missus!). He specialises in supplying road tyres. 


When changing tyres away from the track, I drive across Reading to use Mark as he has always looked after me when sourcing tyres and is refeshingly friendly and honest. Mark also races, both MX and road bikes. 


Recommended without hesitation. 

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