Racing Doesn't Come Cheap


To help you appreciate the cost of racing a large capacity bike for a season, here is a breakdown of my typical costs.


Don't let this put you off - you can compete on a fraction of this cost if you want to. If I was starting again I'd buy a second hand race bike for a fraction of the price, and you can get away with less maintenance than I typically do between seasons. 


Part of the appeal of racing for me is using top kit and maintaining it well - it means no excuses... My bike is always capable of winning the race, the only thing holding it back is the rider.  


If you can help in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss sponsorship. With a very distinctive race bike which is always well turned out in an increasingly popular race series, you can be assured of a high profile with your name on the side of the bike.  Alternatively, use the DONATE button at the top of this page and send me a note - I will make sure all sponsorship is recognised and gets appropriate publicity. 

The Bike

I bought the bike new in 2010 as a road bike, but it wasn't long before it started sheding it's road garb and becoming a track bike. The original price was around £15,000 but I have subsequently spent in the region of £11,000 improving the bike with performance parts. 

Race Weekend
£790 (x8)

Tyres - £450 for tyres, that's for 4 races and two qualifying. 

Entry Fees - typically around £270 for the solo races

Oil and filter - £70 after every race weekend

The above assumes no crashes and nothing breaks, plus assumes entry into one race series. 


Given the engine covers over 2,000 race miles, it needs a rebuild between seasons.

As well as this, the suspension needs refreshed and consumables like chains and sprockets need replacing. 

Any damaged race fairings will need replaced or painted, painting one set costs around £300


Decent leathers are £1,000, I had mine custom made so they were significantly more

Gloves, £250-350

Boots £200-300

Helmet £700 (needing replaced every time it suffers a heavy impact) 

Back protector £100

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