In 2009 I bought my first decent van, a VW Transporter 1.9 SWB. It has been an exceptional van and served me well, but I have given in and changed for a bigger van. Whilst everything fitted in the Transporter, it only just fitted! It meant the bike had to be loaded first and unloaded last, everything was packed in and I had to think carefully about what I brought and what I didn't to race meets. 


With a much bigger van with a high roof, I can now keep a lot of the bulky stuff in the van, but more importantly the bike is now the last thing to go into the van when packing. This means I can have the van packed and ready to go and throw the bike in last - very useful when your last race is at 6pm on a Sunday night at Anglesey!

The van is a late 2014 Sprinter 313 MWB high roof with a bunch of upgrades. I have added new floor, dexion racking, insulation and lined ply sides. Very happy with how it has turned out, the auto box makes towing the caravan much easier and we have so much more room now. 



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